DaRae Marcum, Owner/Partner DaRae Marcum, Owner/Partner

About DaRae & Friends Catering
The Right Caterer Makes Everything Better

There really is a plan for every person. How you get to that end is full of surprises, adventures, disappointments, tears and joy. Learning from each step just gets you to the point where you can use all of those experiences to make yourself better and to help others through those same surprises, adventures, disappointments, tears and joy.

I was meant to be a caterer. It was the plan made for me from the day my Uncle Johnny bought me my first table and chairs at age three. I spent my days serving my dolls (and any human who would take it) tea and cookies, my summers and long weekends in the kitchens of my grandmother and sweet aunts, all ten of them, learning how to cook and serve others. The first library book I checked out in the second grade was about etiquette. My favorite past time was polishing silver and setting the table. I was meant to be a caterer.

All of us at DaRae and Friends in Lexington feel as though food is a mission in itself. The comfort and joy it brings, whether to you, your business or your guests, is part of what drives us. It's personal. We try to know every client personally, to give our very best effort to make the experience perfect. In our kitchen everyone is treated with respect.

Catering, in the dictionary, is "to provide food or entertainment or to attend to the needs of others." In real life, catering is to change your life constantly to meet the needs of others. Our lives change from the time we start to work each day until we go home at night to sit quietly and relive the surprises, adventures, disappointments, tears and joy.